6 Questions to Ask Before You Spend a Dime on Vacation Planning

vacation planning and funNo matter which season you plan to travel, the thought of a vacation is exciting. This enthusiasm can sometimes cause even the most experienced travelers to neglect some important aspects of vacation planning. Before spending a dime on vacation planning, it is wise to consider all of these six factors:

What is the Most Appropriate Mode of Transportation for this Trip?

Decisions about transportation should be based on available time, comfort, and costs. Even if traveling by car is less expensive, it may take time away from the actual desired vacation experiences or result in higher lodging fees than traveling in a more efficient manner. However, on some vacations, the scenery along the way is an important part of the whole journey. Take the time to decide what is most important before making any reservations.

What is the Best Type of Accommodations?

To some vacationers, lodging is only for the purpose of rest. Nothing fancy is desired and any clean, reasonably priced housing will suffice. For others, accommodations are the most important consideration of the trip. They wish to stay at a unique bed and breakfast that provides local color or one of the high priced vacation rentals that has every amenity available. It is important to decide on the percentage of vacation funds that are going to be spent on lodging and to know one’s preferences during the early stages of vacation planning.

How Much Money Is Set Aside for this Trip?

Vacations can be extremely expensive or done on a shoe string. It is vital in vacation planning that the amount available in the budget for this purpose is front and center at all times.

How Many Stops Will Be Made Along the Way?

Whether vacationers are going by car, plane, train, or bus, mapping the basic tourist attractions that could be visited along the way is helpful. Of course, time constraints must be considered again, but the number of stops will also affect the amount of money needed for the trip.

Are There Attractions Along the Way to Appeal to Each Age Group?

While discount shopping may be a wonderful adventure for Mom, and Dad may enjoy golfing, children will probably find neither of these exciting. Discussing the kinds of vacation activities that appeal to each group is a good idea.

What are the Eating Preferences?

Most travelers desire to experience at least some of the unusual local cuisine. Some, however, are picky eaters and want to stick with basic chain eateries. Others wish to save money by preparing their own meals.

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