Executive Business Accommodation

economical accommodationCurrent economic conditions have everyone scrambling to find ways to save money, and businesses are looking at every line item in their budgets, hoping to discover the best ways to cut cost without affecting their customers or employees.

Economical Business Accomodation

An excellent idea that many owners may not have thought to consider is using an executive guest house for employee travel instead of more expensive high end hotels. Besides saving a good sum of money, businesses who use an executive guest house will find many advantages.

One advantage of an executive guest house is that it is usually located in or near the corporate hub, which often alleviates the need for a rental car or taxi fares.

Most executive guest houses offer a choice of guest rooms to match any preferences and budgeted costs. These include lower-priced standard rooms with a shared bath, loft rooms in the medium price range with a wonderful sitting area, and more expansive rooms with a private bath, for travelers who need more space.

Visitors who are planning a stay of more than one night find that staying at an executive guest house is the most frugal way to book their business accommodations.

Big Savings on Food

Guests who stay at an executive guest house also save money on food. A modern, well-equipped kitchen is provided for residents to use when preparing meals.

A dining room with a roaring fire also gives each guest a feeling of warmth and hospitality. This arrangement is also perfect for those residents who choose to socialize with others or for business discussions after hours. To facilitate easy business transactions for guests, each room is also equipped with local telephone service and high speed internet access.

When businesses look at their bottom line, booking employees into an executive guest house makes perfect sense. With prices that often range hundreds of dollars less than more expensive hotels, these establishments pride themselves on making business travelers feel safe and comfortable.

Management tries to accommodate for individual needs and often goes above and beyond normal hotel services to satisfy their customers and make their time away from home easier and more pleasant.

Businesses should immediately calculate the savings that would ensue if they were to change from their current arrangements to making reservations at an executive guest house for all company travel. The money that can be saved in the long run is often quite surprising.

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